1. NAME: Irexit Freedom
(in Irish: Eire Amach: Cumann na Saoirse ) Colloquially: Irexit Freedom to Prosper

“Irexit Freedom” is a national movement of the Irish people and a political party with the primary objective of re-establishing the national independence and sovereignty of Ireland and restoring its national democracy by leaving the European Union and thereby taking back control by the Irish People of our law-making, our citizenship, our currency, our trade policy, our borders and immigration policy, our taxation and budget policy, our sea-fisheries and marine resources, our human rights under the Irish Supreme Court, our foreign and security policy and maintaining a meaningful military neutrality.

Irexit Freedom positively desires and supports all democratic endeavours to achieve the consent of the voters of Northern Ireland for a re-united and independent Ireland under the control of the Irish people and not that of London or Brussels.

Irexit is necessary to prevent a second Partition of Ireland being implemented by the addition of new EU dimensions to the North-South border and the consequent creation of major new obstacles in the way of securing consent to future Irish reunification.

The secondary objectives of Irexit Freedom will be contained in the thrust of these principles below:

  • We believe in a society of liberty with a free and diverse media which supports free speech, freedom of association and freedom of religion.
  • We believe in reduced taxation on Irish citizens and less wasteful government spending.
  • We believe in a progressive tax system rewarding work, initiative and merit.
  • We defend the separation of powers in the State and oppose the political / media hegemony that allows political and institutional corruption to flourish.
  • As no nation has a future without children, as a patriotic party we are pro-natalist and supportive of stable families for the procreation, education and rearing of children.
  • We believe in the equality of all Irish citizens before the law, oppose racism and the dominance of public policy by vested interests and privileged “golden circles”.
  • Wishing to tackle corruption in key governmental institutions including the Gardai and our judicial and political systems, we believe that there must be legal and financial sanctions that penalise those involved in a culture of corruption and incompetence.
  • As Irish people have no land to call their home but Ireland, we believe in the protection of the Irish language, culture and the natural environment. We hold that Ireland is our home, not an economic hostel, and that the Irish diaspora has a special part to play in building up our country.
  • We believe that Ireland’s natural and financial resources should be utilised for the betterment of the life of the Irish people.
  • We believe that the Irish people should have the right to control our money, our laws and our borders.
  • We believe that no institution or government except Dáil Éireann should make the national laws or approve the budget applicable to the people of Ireland.
  • We hold that the power to implement democratic change should be returned to the Irish people from the European Union and we are supportive of direct democracy including referenda for important public decision-making to the greatest practicable extent in our constitutional democracy.