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Mairead Donovan

Mairead Donovan

Retired Person
mairead@irexitfreedom.ie Confidential
Killarney, Co Kerry, Republic of Ireland

Ms Donovan believes the Irish People have lost their identity and self respect. She is strong supporter of Irish culture and has seen her beloved Ireland change to something she can no longer recognise. The decay of Irish culture and how Irish politicians care only of profit, constant unsustainable growth and greed has eroded the Irish Identity as a people.

‘Consumerism has taken over and our culture, identity and has fragmented our communities’. She has strong environmental concerns with the rapid growth in the population and the proposed extra 1 million population increase the Irish government are now pushing for.

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Irexit Freedom is a patriotic party that values families, supports communities and believes in the common good of the people. Irish culture such be given the opportunity to flourish.

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